Reasons why you gotta switch to a better modular unit

Reasons why you gotta switch to a better modular unit

Do you often find yourself thinking how beautiful life would have been had you gone for better furniture? Or if space wasn’t an issue with your wardrobe? Well, you still have a chance, stop thinking, just go for a new one with someone more trusted and reliable, like KIWO! Let us paint you a picture as to what could possibly happen if you choose to go with the local carpenter.

The customer service guy would behave like your ex

Yeah, that’s right! There are times when sellers quickly move on post-sales, just like your ex did, we don’t want you to go through all of that all over again. Don’t let this break up get the better of you! Life has got much better things in store… So don’t think twice, just make your decision and switch to better, switch to KIWO.

You might have to cancel the Goa detour

If planning for the coveted Goa vacation has been on your bucket list for a long long time, this is something you’d definitely relate with! Remember all those times when you made Goa plans with your gang but somehow all of it just went to vain! Imagine you having to delay your vacay, ‘cos of Delayed Product Delivery by the local carpenter. It’d be awful right! So don’t put yourself through all of that! Make a wise decision and go for KIWO, we ensure a 45 day delivery, come what may!

You might hurt yourself with the self-installation disasters

Anything DIY sounds all fun and games, right? Well, it is all good until it’s DIY furniture! You gotta believe us, we know people who ended up with concussions and bruises! You know what? You can actually skip the stress and go for something easier, something more convenient. With us, you don’t have to care for all of that, ‘cos our experts are here to install the modular furniture for you!

RIP in advance for your injured thumb caught in the wardrobe

How you would wish for those soft closing shutters right after your thumb gets caught in the wardrobe! Well, you can actually skip the pain and go for KIWO’s amazing modular units that come with soft closing shutters. So don’t wait, just switch to KIWO!

You’d hate the Crockery units that won’t stand on their own

It would be difficult to put up with new furniture that behaves that way! So leave it to the experts at KIWO who make sure that only the best goes into your modular unit. Our sturdy modular units will make life simple for you.

Embarrassing yourself with that wobbly TV unit won’t be great

Falling off that wobbly TV unit while everyone is around may be pretty embarrassing! That’s why we made all our modular units with 18mm “synchronised and calibrated plywood, basically better quality! So that you can just be yourself at your home!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clear picture as to how difficult life can be with your local carpenter, we leave the final decision to you. Having said that, if you’re interested in exploring our modular units, feel free to connect with us, we’d be more than happy to serve you.