What is the best Kitchen Layout and Why?

What is the best Kitchen Layout and Why?

Choosing the right layout for your kitchen will be essential to make the most of the available space and improve its functionality depending on your own requirements and wish list. You can also combine a few concepts of kitchen layout designs based on available space to create the style of your dreams. Not sure which design will function the best? Let KIWO Modular designers gladly assist you in making your dream kitchen come true.

There are five basic kitchen layouts: One-wall, Gallery, L-shaped, U-shaped, and G-shaped. Generally, the arrangement of the room will depend on its size and shape. The majority of kitchen layouts are based on one of the following forms.

Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

One-Wall Kitchen

Simple and space-efficient, the single-wall kitchen is a popular option for tiny houses and loft flats. As the name suggests, all of the countertops and appliances are aligned against one wall, which significantly reduces installation costs and simplifies the process by eliminating awkward corners. Moving between the important areas of a one-wall kitchen should be simple and unhindered. Any size island greatly enhances this layout’s functionality if there is room for it, giving prep space on the counter. This plan gives the kitchen an open, breezy sense, but you have to be creative with the design because all the appliances, cupboards, and other items are on one wall.

Gallery Kitchen

A gallery kitchen consists of two parallel one-wall kitchen layouts. With its narrow distance between work zones, this compact layout is also ideal for smaller houses and is genuinely designed with just one chef in mind. A long island may be installed in place of an internal wall that divides a gallery kitchen, giving the area a much more open feeling without sacrificing any counter space or storage. This arrangement is very effective in rectangular spaces. Additionally, if you have the room, you may build a gallery kitchen with an island to make the most of your available area.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Due to its extraordinary functionality and ability to be adapted for nearly any area, the L-shaped kitchen plan is among the most popular designs. An L-shaped plan, as the name suggests, places appliances and cabinets along two neighbouring walls to form a clear triangle that connects the work zones. An L-shaped kitchen never needs non-chefs to go through the area, unlike a gallery kitchen, but there is more capacity for additional cooks with this arrangement. Although the two walls don’t have to be of the same length, a middle island can improve this arrangement even more in a somewhat large space. With no major hurdles in the way, everyone could move freely about the kitchen in this layout. When you prepare food for visitors, it provides a very open notion that lets you continue to be part of the conversation while also making them feel like part of the moment.

 U-Shaped Kitchen

In the U-shaped kitchen plan, the L-shaped layout gains a third wall, encircling the cook with work surfaces on all three sides and offering additional countertop and storage space. U-shaped designs work well in both small and big areas, and the third wall may be configured to operate as a floating island or an attached area to optimise traffic flow and prevent the room from feeling walled off. Adding kitchen cabinets to every wall is a great method to maximise storage and improve the room’s usability. Those who want a clear division between the kitchen and the rest of the house as opposed to an open-concept kitchen will often find this arrangement to be ideal.

G-shaped Kitchen

This arrangement is a version of the U-shaped kitchen. The G-shaped layout is unique since it has a partial fourth wall. The additional room offers more counter and storage space, so it may be utilised for a variety of purposes. The G-shaped kitchen can easily accommodate two work triangles, giving two chefs complete freedom, by adding a second washbasin, hob, or range. You may even include a pass-through or breakfast bar for more dining space or entertainment. With this kitchen arrangement, the options are unlimited.

These five kitchen layouts are the most practical, regardless of your taste or whether you have a closed-off space or an open floor plan. KIWO Modular’s expert team of designers will help you in making your kitchen layout to the exact specifications to meet your unique requirements.

KIWO can adjust to meet your needs, whether for additional shelves, fewer compartments, or various sizes with different types of cabinets. The quiet and smooth shutting of drawers and cabinets is guaranteed by the soft-closing German technology, which elevates your cooking space. The different types of Kitchen Layout designs that KIWO offers with soft-closing German mechanisms and 18mm plywood are perfect for those looking for a beautiful and adaptable solution that provides plenty of storage, and adaptability with proper and speedy installation.