Different Types of T.V Units You Need to be Aware of

Different Types of T.V Units You Need to be Aware of

Every member of the family uses the television, whether it’s to watch their favourite movie or a cricket match. Given how frequently it is used, it shouldn’t look like a dull appliance but should look modern and contribute to the style of the house. In the past, TV sets were merely useful furniture pieces devoid of any character. However, now different types of TV units are being designed in ways that give any room drama and character. A TV unit is a necessary piece of furniture in a modern house. 

They provide your television with a stylish and practical platform. TV units come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs so that you can easily find the one that fits in every living room or bedroom. TV units may help you set up a seamless entertainment system and add more storage, whether you’re searching for a minimalist, modern, or more conventional style. The following different TV unit ideas will help you design a welcoming home. You can create an enjoyable atmosphere by taking inspiration from the TV unit designs shown below. 

Different Types of TV Units for Your Home:

Wall-mounted TV Unit

A wall-mounted TV unit is an excellent choice for those who want to save floor space and create a modern and sleek look. For small houses, wall-mounted TV sets provide an unlimited number of options. Instantaneously freeing up valuable floor space, wall-mounting your TV allows you to create an open and airy style. However, this solution is not only useful—it’s also fashionable! While wall-mounted cabinets give plenty of space for storing media devices, consoles, and other items, contemporary floating shelves offer a clean, minimalist design. Make the unit your own by adding closed cabinets for concealed organisation, open shelves to display your favourite show pieces, or even integrated lighting for a genuinely one-of-a-kind look.

Free-standing TV Unit

Freestanding TV units offer a versatile, damage-free solution for compact homes. Unlike wall-mounted units, these self-contained pieces eliminate the need for drilling and potential damage to your walls. These units go beyond just a basic stand. Freestanding television units come in a variety of designs, from sleek and modern to elegant and chic. They include the entire structure, holding your TV securely while incorporating drawers and cabinets for valuable storage space. This helps keep your living room clutter-free and organized, enhancing its overall charm. The beauty of freestanding units lies in their adaptability. You can choose a size and select a style that perfectly complements your space and requirements. Whether you have a spacious living room or a cosy nook, there’s a unit waiting to be your entertainment hub.

Console TV Unit

Elevate your space with a versatile console, offering more than just a place for your TV. This stylish piece of furniture adapts to different rooms and functions, becoming your multipurpose entertainment hero. In your living room, create a dedicated entertainment hub with hidden storage for media devices, games, or even board games. Keep things clutter-free for relaxed movie nights or game sessions. For your bedroom, tuck away throw pillows, blankets, or favourite books in closed cabinets, while using open shelves to display curated art pieces. Whether you prioritize style, practicality, or versatility, a TV console offers something for everyone. It transforms your living space with functionality, personality, and elegance.

Hutch TV Unit

Tired of the same old TV panels? Elevate your dining room with a stunning TV hutch. It’s a showstopper centrepiece that transforms your home wherever you choose to place it. Imagine your beautiful treasured antiques displayed in surrounding glass cabinets, creating a modern and functional focal point. Also, it keeps everything organized. Choose a layout to suit your style, with open shelves for a touch of personality or hidden cabinets for clutter-free living. This unit isn’t just confined to the dining room. You could showcase your favourite books, artwork, or other prized possessions in your living room too. Whether you love modern sleek lines or traditional charm, a TV hutch adds personality and practicality to any space. Find one that reflects your needs and watch your room get an instant makeover. It’s about seamlessly blending entertainment and style in one beautiful piece.

Entertainment Centre TV Unit

You could upgrade your living space with a versatile entertainment centre. This layout is different as it’s a clutter-free layout with hidden storage for electronics, DVDs, and anything else in the living room. You could express your personality on open shelves with books, artwork, or even trophies. Whether you have a cosy space or a grand living room, there’s a centre to match your space. It’s more than just storage, it’s creating the perfect haven for family movie nights or your entertainment zone. Instead of being a common piece of furniture, it’s an upgrade for your whole entertainment experience.

If you’re searching for a TV unit that offers the stability of a TV stand and also has the sleek appearance of a wall-mounted device, KIWO has the perfect solution. Storage is a priority in the design of KIWO TV sets. To keep your media accessories and equipment well-organized, they include plenty of shelves and compartments. With the modular TV unit design that KIWO units provide, you may alter the arrangement to meet your unique requirements. 

KIWO offers solutions that can be customised according to your needs and preferences, whether you want additional shelves, fewer compartments, or various sizes with different types of cabinets. Utilising the soft-closing German technology when you shut your drawers and doors we ensure a smooth and noise-free experience which elevates your living area. A great option that combines the best of both worlds with multiple styles and functionality strengthened with the 18mm plywood