Plywood Modular Units-One of the Best Choices for Monsoon

Plywood Modular Units-One of the Best Choices for Monsoon

Everyone needs furniture that withstands the effects of the passing seasons. Especially
during monsoons when the level of moisture in the air is usually high. This could affect
the quality and life of the furniture. Thanks to Kiwo’s Plywood Modular furniture, which
can save you from all the monsoon woes.

Kiwo uses 100% BWP synchronized plywood for its modular furniture units. The
plywood lends modular furniture durability and functionality. Wondering how the
plywood modular furniture triumphs over monsoon and other seasonal effects?
Read on.

Weather Proof Plywood

BWP stands for Boiling water and Weather Proof Plywood. Monsoon or winter, KIWO
modular furniture stands still against prolonged exposure to moisture and water. So you
can be carefree around modular furniture irrespective of the season.

Functionality or versatility, Modular Furniture designed with BWP synchronized
plywood is your best bet. Modular units endure day-to-day or frequent usage. You can
experience the same smooth action every time you use these modular units.

Dimensionally Stable

BWP plywood is completely waterproof making it one of the most popular plywood
types in India. This type of plywood beats every other plywood type when it comes to
withstanding the boiling water for 24 to 72 hours. This ability makes them a perfect
choice for both dry and wet conditions.

BWP synchronized plywood, also known as marine grade plywood. As its name suggests,
it is highly durable and stable. It holds its shape dimensionally even after regular wear
and tears. This is one of the best plywood materials, as it is manufactured through the
strength and shape retention technique.

Apart from its sturdiness, the BWP synchronized plywood has higher termite
resistance. Termites are small pale-bodied insects that feed on wood degrading its
quality and life. When you are going with Kiwo modular furniture, you don’t have to
worry about these termites.

Polished and Elegant Look

Everyone loves to go for furniture that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, without
sacrificing functionality. After functionality, being modern and trendy are the main
qualities we look for when it comes to modular furniture. Kiwo offers 750+ color
combinations and customized designs tailored to your preferences.

Kiwo delivers stunning modular units with the help of application-driven design
options. These designs are custom-built as per your requirements. Elevate the look and
feel of your modular units like kitchen cabinets, crockery units, TV Units, and wardrobes
with Kiwo. Know more!