Particleboard, MDF or BWP Plywood. What’s best for your Kitchen and Wardrobes?

Particleboard, MDF or BWP Plywood. What’s best for your Kitchen and Wardrobes?

Whether it is the choice of materials that go into making modular Kitchens and Wardrobes, or the finish and design that transform storage solutions at home – your choice makes all the difference in setting up the place. Have you ever come across various types of material such as Particleboard, MDF, and BWP Plywood? While every material has its advantages, each varies from price to quality to durability. Let’s find out more!

What is Particleboard?

Particleboard, also known as Low-density Fiberboard (LDF) and chipboard, is a manufactured wood made from waste-wood chips, sawdust or other suitable binders, which is pressed and extruded. It is cheaper, denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood material. While it is best with its lightweight feature, it falls flat when it comes to supporting heavy loads.

What is MDF?

Just like Particleboard, Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) is also an engineered wood material, made by breaking down hardwood or softwood compounds into wood fibers by combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF is denser and stronger than Particleboard. While its smooth edges make it easy to carve designs, its smooth surface helps get the desired look. MDF has low water-resistant power and it soaks up water, if not sealed well. Since it is made of fine fiber particles, it does not hold screws strong.

What are BWP, MR, and BWR Plywood?

BWP Plywood falls under a grade of Plywood and stands for Boiling Water-proof. It gets its name from the durability test which is used to determine the property of BWP. The BWP Plywood is an engineered wood made of wood veneer sheets. The wood veneer boards are pressed and bonded together to create one solid piece. The multi-layers of veneer make it stronger and a more durable material than MDF or Particleboard. It comes in various designs and thicknesses, is less susceptible to water, and holds screws tighter than MDF.

Apart from BWP, there are also other types of plywood, the MR and BWR. MR is Moisture-resistant Plywood, commonly known as Commercial plywood. It’s perfect for indoor use and is rated as an interior-grade material and comes with great internal strength.

BWR is Boiling Water-resistant Plywood. The difference between BWR and BWP (Boiling Water-Proof) as against MR is with respect to technology and treatment used to manufacture them. The glue used to manufacture BWP and BWR is a synthetic plastic resin, unlike urea formaldehyde resin used in MR-grade commercial plywood.

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