Modular designs to make the most of your small kitchen

Modular designs to make the most of your small kitchen

We know your kitchen has seen a lot, from the pride of palatable delights to the gasps of disappointment. But, it’s not just the aroma that sets it apart, your kitchen stands to play an important role in the overall home interiors. And while you may have a compact kitchen, we exactly know how to make it look larger. So, without further delay let’s get started.

1) Bet big on small cabinets

While larger cabinets accommodate more items, you can make it big with smaller ones too. Cabinets not just help you organize better and store more but also amp up your cooking area with the right aesthetics. And if you are a messy chef you can always wind up easy by throwing all the items in and shutting it close.

2) Be open to open shelves
You can’t store everything in cabinets. While less important items go up in the cabinet, the frequent ones shall remain well within your arm’s reach and that’s where open shelves come in. So go ahead and say yes to open shelves! 

3) A Glass apart
Adding a reflective element to your kitchen won’t just give a classy impression but also make it look spacious. Glass units will perfectly suit your kitchen whether you go for stylish cabinets or classic shelves. Plus you can always go up on your toes and check yourself out in the reflection. 

4) Put the green fingers to task
However small may your kitchen be, there’s always a tiny little corner for the greens. So, awaken the plant lover in you and pick petite plants that perfectly fit your kitchen. You can also hang the plants up and add a touch of freshness to your kitchen. 

5) Let some light in
If your kitchen isn’t naturally blessed with sufficient light, make it a point to light it up with bulbs. You don’t want to put the lady’s finger instead of the ladyfinger in dim light, do you?

6) Roll the rug open
A rug can add warmth to your kitchen, but before going for the rug make sure that it’s anti-slip, stain-resistant and of course washable. Trust us, adding a rug will work wonders for your tiny kitchen. 

Let’s wrap it up!
So what if your kitchen is tiny? With the compact kitchen designs proposed above, you can sure make it big. After all, size doesn’t matter, does it? And if you need some expert advice tailor-made for your kitchen, head over to