Mirrored wardrobe – it’s still vogue

Mirrored wardrobe – it’s still vogue

While many wardrobe styles come and go, what survived through trends is the Mirrored Wardrobe. Yes, Mirrored Wardrobes are still the very loved and sought after home unit even today and the modular world has made it even more desirable. Want to know how? Come let’s guide you through!


Designed to make your life convenient, Modular Mirrored Wardrobes are super flexible when it comes to space. Attached to the door of the unit, these are big, stylish and save you from the hassle of buying a separate dressing unit.


Unlike the common presumption of Modular Wardrobes being expensive, they are exceptionally budget-friendly and also can be purchased on EMI. Speaking of which, if you haven’t checked out KIWO’s Diwali EMI offer, you’re missing out big time!


If you are looking to make your bedroom look effortlessly aesthetic and you haven’t considered getting a Mirrored Wardrobe, now is your time. Besides brightening up your bedroom, Mirrored Wardrobes make your spaces look capacious, stylish and visually attractive.


A multi-purpose unit for your home, Mirrored Wardrobes are utterly fool-proof. Spacious on the inside and space-saving on the outside, these can be used as a dressing table and also as an aesthetic decor.

We know you now want to get a Mirrored Wardrobe for yourself. So why wait? Head to www.kiwomodular.com to book your very own sleek and stylish Modular Mirrored Wardrobe, this Diwali. Also, don’t forget to avail 15% off on your purchase!