Kiwo’s Journey of Making Homes Functional and Alluring

Kiwo’s Journey of Making Homes Functional and Alluring

We can’t believe that it’s been 2 years since we started our journey to fulfill your dreams of living in a comfortable space. It was like yesterday when you contacted us to make your home functional and minimalistic.

In these two years, we have made countless moments with you. The one we cherish the most is seeing your face light up whenever KIWO modular furniture makes a delivery to your doorstep.

We introduce 750+ shades of color play!

To add colors to your life, we bring multiple color combinations for your furniture designs. Make your spaces more alluring and aesthetically pleasing. Mix and match colors and find the one that best suits your inner core.

Calming light yellow to energetic bright red anything you wished we delivered. 750+ color combinations helped us to level up the ambiance of your rooms.

What we have is special, like no other! (Customized Modular Units)

Realizing that every individual is special and unique in their own way has made our relationships with customers more fulfilling. KIWO addresses this need and provides individuals with a personalized furniture solution.

Customers can show off their personalities through their furniture designs. KIWO turns customer ideas into customized modular units.

Our relationship is meant to last (German Mechanism)

Not only our modular furniture but also our relationships with customers stood strong over the years. Thanks to the German Mechanism that made the modular furniture extra durable.

Dedicated post-sales service at KIWO ensures customers can get help whenever they need it.

Through thick and thin (18mm plywood)

Whether you are looking for a new TV set or Kitchen cabinet the most important quality it should possess is strength and sturdiness. KIWO Modular Furniture is known for its ability to withstand stress and force without being damaged.

Thanks to the 100% BWP synchronized plywood and 18mm panel thickness. KIWO furniture offers world-class performance and quality.

We promise 45-day delivery

This is the best part for our customers, witnessing their ideal furniture taking shape in reality. Over the years, KIWO has maintained consistency in delivering products within 45 days.

Our commitment to bringing out the best in your room led us to deliver one of the finest Modular Furniture in Hyderabad.

Instead of handwritten cards let’s celebrate this journey with an awesome discount of a flat 25% on all woodwork and a flat 25% off on Hettich Blaupunkt Appliances!