KIWO Modular Furniture Combines Functionality and Innovation

KIWO Modular Furniture Combines Functionality and Innovation

Have you ever stubbed your toe walking around in your home? Most of us would have experienced it at some point in our lives. One of the reasons why this misfortune keeps happening to you could be because you tend to clutter your space and not pay attention to furniture functionality. Want to make your space visually stunning and at the same time functionally optimal, then KIWO Modular furniture would be your best solution.

KIWO Modular furniture offers plenty of space between appliances like refrigerators, sinks, and microwaves, etc. With KIWO, you can experience the joy of living with our minimalist furniture, making the best of everything that you have. KIWO modular units are made of 100% plywood that makes your surroundings more elegant and aesthetically appealing. 

Clutter-Free Kitchen 

A home is incomplete without the kitchen and some basic kitchen appliances. Back in the old days, kitchens were congested and only used for preparing food. Nowadays, kitchens are large enough to fit the entire family. 

Dining areas are quite common in most of the kitchens. Along with that, most of the homemakers are using modern kitchen appliances and tools. With all these things, kitchens have become cluttered spaces.

KIWO kitchens are inspired by the kitchen work triangle concept to provide free space. KIWO Modular furniture includes a built-in hob, chimney, built-in Microwave, and more. Also to optimize space you get vertical cabinets and Breakfast counters.

Elegant Crockery Units

Every homemaker’s common problem is keeping dinner sets in an organized way without those occupying too much space. If you have glass bowls or tea sets then you need to pay extra attention. It would be a pain to be always on your toes while having the delight of cooking. To take that burden off of you KIWO has come up with customized crockery units. So you can keep these vulnerable cookware sets safe and organized.

KIWO modular furniture made of 18 mm standard panel thickness can stand the test of time. Its internal compartments are made with 100% BWP synchronized plywood. So your favorite cookware collection can be passed down to future generations safely.

Modern and Sleek  Bedroom

Having a messy bedroom could significantly impact your sleep. Therefore it is important to keep the room clean and organized. 

If you are looking for a spacious wardrobe that helps you keep everything organized and save time, then KIWO has got you covered. KIWO Modular furniture consists of high-quality wardrobes. Most importantly, the high-grade plywood and fitting with sturdy frames make them function effectively for years. 

Comfortable Living Room 

Whenever someone visits your home, the first thing that they notice is your living room. Your living room says a lot about you. It could make your guest feel comfortable and have fun or make them run away instantly. With KIWO modular furniture your guests get a comfortable and homey feeling.

The things that you could add to your living room are hard to count. But don’t worry, KIWO Modular furniture can help you organize them efficiently. Every modular furniture is designed with a German mechanism to provide sturdiness and optimal functionality. 

Captivating Customized TV Units 

Television has been the major source of entertainment for most people over the years. Irrespective of other electronic gadgets, TV’s popularity and demand never went down. If you want to add more comfort and storage for your TV set then look no further, KIWO Modular TV units are your best option!

The TV Units by KIWO offer additional storage space for remotes, DVDs, CDs, and more. Also, Modular TV units provide free floor space to watch TV with more comfort. So your movie nights and family evenings become more memorable. Most importantly, by adding these TV units your home looks visually attractive for visitors. 


We believe that it’s not about how big your house is, but how effectively you are using the space around, that makes your home comfortable. KIWO Modular furniture lets you focus on improving functionality with minimalistic furniture. At the same time, our diligent approach makes your surroundings look more aesthetically pleasing. 

You can choose your favorite design and color from over 750+ color combinations that we provide. Then sit back and witness the magic unfold in front of your eyes in just 45 days, to last for generations altogether. Reach out to us at 1800-313-0508 and we’ll elevate the elegance of your space with our modular furniture.