Here’s why your little ones need their own wardrobe

Here’s why your little ones need their own wardrobe

Time flies, doesn’t it? More so, when it comes to our children. You won’t even realize when they shift from crawling to driving, from drawing books to laptops and from crayons to touchpads. Growing up their needs add up, so does their requirement for space, and that’s exactly where modular wardrobes can help.


Let’s have a look at how modular wardrobes can make it better for you and your child.


1) Your child needs space!

We always tend to plan for our kids’ future, everything from education to job to their children (just kidding). Then why not plan for something that would form an essential part of their life. A place that’ll be a part of them forever.

Despite how little they are, your children need as much space as you do, if not more. They need space to stuff their teddies, storybooks, crayons and yes their games too. Which brings us to the next point.


2) It’s indeed a child’s play 

We know how children love their games, be it everyone’s favourite monopoly or the classic game of carom. Kiwo’s Modular Wardrobes can help them organize all their games at a single place, whether it’s the remote to their control cars, dresses for their rag dolls, or the highly infamous missing puzzle pieces, all of these will be a thing of the past.


3) Let your little one run ‘round the room 

Are you tired of stumbling on softballs or rag dolls? If that is so, then modular is the way to go.

We can only imagine how cute your munchkins look bringing invisible tea for you or when they can’t stop speaking with their teddy best friend, but more often than not they forget to keep their favourites back in place. It’s important to know that an unkempt room may restrict your child’s play and modular is the right alternative to help them organize all of it in racks.


4) Add colours to your child’s life

Colours leave indelible impressions on a child’s mind, well we don’t say it, scientists do. And we don’t compromise when it comes to our children, do we? Our specialists can help you find just the right shades for your children’s wardrobe that suits their room and matches your style.


5) Being organized does no harm, does it?

A modular wardrobe with multiple shelves and drawers ensures that your child develops into an organized adult. Growing up, your child’s needs multiply, which means the available space should match their requirement.

Getting a modular unit built from scratch is indeed easy, modular wardrobes need to be built with expertise especially when it comes to children, KIWO’s expert team can not only guide you with the colour palette but also suggest the functionality and accessibility keeping your child in mind.


Our experts can help you build a wardrobe that’s more than a match for your munchkin. Connect with us at 1800-313-0508 or email at to give your child’s room a touch of