Go Modular – One thing you gotta do right now!

Go Modular – One thing you gotta do right now!

Does your home look like it stood witness to a fatal catastrophe, something like a war or a whirlwind, with clothes strewn all across the apartment, splattered kitchen counters, and mislaid stuff all ‘round the house?

If that resonates with you, then allow us to say that you’re suffering from ‘mess-o-mania’ – a common condition wherein individuals tend to create a mess as a fallout of living in cramped spaces. Don’t you worry, the condition is absolutely curable! All you have to do is organize your space (too much to ask for?) or you can simply go modular. Speaking of which, KIWO offers the most amazing modular units, perfectly cut, diligently designed, and custom-made as per your preferences. In a nutshell, we offer more than you expect! And if that’s not convincing enough, we have a few more reasons that would make you stop whatever you’re doing and get you to buy one right now!

Defying science ever since we flunked it
We have no concept of time and space, we were pretty bad at science you know… Heard of blessing in disguise? That’s exactly what happened in our case.. we came up with something that keeps us together despite all the time and space constraints. Any guesses? Ahaan, that’s the virtual store again! So now, no one comes between us! (not even science;))

Visit us at 2 AM, there for you alwaysss
We know what you’re thinking, ‘Can I really visit them at 2?’, Hell, yes! And you know the better thing? You won’t even have to move an inch to do that! Just go click-click, and there you are, at our virtual store. Now, a little scrolling here and there, and sooner than later, you’ll be smitten by ‘the perfect one!’ Midnight, cosy ambience, and you find your ‘right match’, sounds like a perfect love story, doesn’t it? Well, we are quite lovable, we deserve all your love (blush blush)

No bumping shumping, only buying shuying!
And you know the best part? You’ll never bump into people! During dreaded times like COVID, who’d want to run into people, and stand the risk of contracting the virus! Virtual is the way bud, virtual is the way! And if you’re an introvert, this must be a dream come true for you, because going out, meeting people, socializing… that’s kinda an effort, and when things are rolling smooth, why complicate?

And… It’s a wrap!
By now, you must have been convinced that having a modular unit makes life easier. If not, we truly don’t know what will! Anyways, all we have to say is – buying a modular unit isn’t just a luxury, it’s a need! The sooner you get that, the better. So go the easy way, the KIWO way. Now just go head-on with the modular shopping spree, it’ll be pretty much a smooth sail with the virtual store. 

Yours Virtually