Expectations to Execution, How KIWO Offers Best Experience

Expectations to Execution, How KIWO Offers Best Experience

Maximizing space and functionality without compromising aesthetics has become a priority for everyone. The rising popularity of the modern urban lifestyle has demanded an efficient and versatile furniture design. KIWO Modular Furniture offers the best of both functionality and visual appeal. 

KIWO has successfully separated itself from the competition with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and established itself as the market leader in Modular Furniture. It allows you to experience the magic of maximizing your space and being sustainable. 

Customized Designs as per Your Preference

Whether it is your crockery unit or wardrobe unit the first person it needs to please is yourself. We at KIWO address that desires and gives you the chance to customize modular furniture as you want. 

Our expert designers will provide a wide range of design options for you to choose from. KIWO’s interactive 3D design and AR applications will help you bring ideas to reality. 

Add Life to Your Modular Furniture with 750+ Color Combos

Color plays an important role in interior design. Adding colors to your furniture elevates the ambiance of the room to the next level. You need to pay attention to Color Psychology, how it affects your mood and behavior. 

KIWO offers over 750 color combinations so you can choose the one that resonates with your personality. Colors are sometimes divided into two types: warm and cool tones. Warm tones like red, orange, yellow are suitable for your wardrobe and TV sets. Cool tones like blue, green, and white are perfect for kitchen cabinets and crockery units. 

Quality That Stands the Test of Time

KIWO modular furniture is not only functional but also sturdy and durable. Doors, shutters, and internal compartments of the modular furniture are made with 100% BWP synchronized plywood. BWP synchronized plywood has higher water resistance and moisture resistance.

Also, your crockery, wardrobe, TV unit, and kitchen cabinets are designed with 18mm standard panel thickness. This allows them to endure years of usage without losing their quality. Overall, KIWO delivers stunning aesthetics with precision-made finishes.

Flawless Delivery Within 45 Days

From ideas to implementation KIWO offers high transparency and encourages you to add your personality to the designs. Planning and pricing everything is planned with you. So you not only feel satisfied but also super excited for your new modular furniture that’s tailored to your preferences. 

KIWO offers a 45-day delivery commitment so you don’t have to get anxious about the progress. Most importantly, KIWO modular furniture comes with a lifetime warranty*.

Reliable Service at Your Fingertips

KIWO’s relationship with customers continues even after the delivery. We have a dedicated team, post-sales service to assist and solve your queries anytime. 

Our innovative and system-driven design provides world-class modular furniture. Apart from expertise, our relationship with customers sets us apart from the competition. Our dedicated team of post-sales service ensures a lifetime warranty* and support for your customers whenever they need it. Our service is just fingertips away. Reach out to us at 1800-313-0508 to be a part of this revolutionary journey in modular furniture.