Can modular units be purchased on emi?

Can modular units be purchased on emi?

Generations kept changing over time and so did the furniture! We went from early heavy wooden units to mid-century modern, and now modular. But what are Modular Units and why does one need to own it in today’s modern world? Continue reading further so we can guide you through!


Modular units are super classy, sturdy, are custom-made but come with a perception of being very expensive. Nevertheless, Modular Units might be smart like Gen-Z, but are super budget-friendly for every generation.


Who said a small house cannot have glamorous modular home units? Well, we didn’t because at KIWO, we offer an extravagant feature of 3D technology through which our experts will help you design your units according to your space.


The very beauty of owning a Modular Unit is that they are not just super convenient but also save a lot of space. More so, these units can be moved along with you anywhere you go.


Unlike your old furniture, Modular Units come with the superpower of being customized. Yes, in this era of millennials, you never know when you need extra space for the extra additions in your home. And with a Modular Unit, you can insert those extra racks to your wardrobe whenever required.

Impressive Precision:

Modular Units are highly precision-based and at KIWO, you will stay under no confusion as you are guided through the entire process of manufacturing of your desired Modular Unit – from the process of selection till installation.

With all these super-savvy benefits of owning a Modular Unit, if you are still pondering about affordability, visit and own your dream home unit at suitable EMIs today!