Bedroom Wardrobe Designs That Will Make You Go “WOW”

Bedroom Wardrobe Designs That Will Make You Go “WOW”

A feeling of excitement and surprise comes over you whenever you look at your wardrobe. The one word that comes to your mind is Wow! Not one or two, Kiwo offers countless bedroom wardrobe designs that will make you fall in love with them, instantly.

These bedroom wardrobes are not only sleek but also high on storage. Let’s explore some stunning designs for the perfect bedroom wardrobe.

Sliding Door Bedroom Wardrobes
The sliding door wardrobes are intended to complement the ambiance of your bedroom, making it look modern and chic at the same time. Kiwo makes sure that you can use every inch of wardrobe interiors with these sliding door wardrobe designs.

For small rooms, sliding door wardrobes are the perfect choice as they don’t open into the room. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach places as sliding doors let you reach every corner with ease.

Mirrored Wardrobes
Mirrored wardrobe designs for bedrooms are all the rage nowadays. Apart from providing extra storage, it makes spaces appear bigger. Save time in dressing up and selecting outfits by looking in the mirror of the wardrobes.

Mirrors on the wardrobes reflect the light and make bedrooms cozy and comfortable. Well-illuminated rooms appear stylish and aesthetically pleasing. You can not go wrong with mirrored wardrobes, as they perfectly blend in with every type of home decor.

Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes
Another interesting option for you to consider could be Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs. These offer a sleek and minimalistic look while maximizing the bedroom space.

Play with a wide range of colors that you can add to the 18mm plywood door panels. The most overlooked part of these wardrobe designs is the upper portion of the wardrobe. You can use this space for storing seasonal items like sweaters, jackets, and more.

Louvre-style Bedroom Wardrobes
As the name suggests, these wardrobe doors are formulated with a horizontal blade arrangement. It provides excellent air and light flow to the inner parts even when closed.

These wardrobe designs offer a contemporary look to your bedroom. Kiwo offers louvre designs in different formats. You can go for hinged, sliding, and bi-folding door styles to make them visually appealing.

Get rid of all the clutter in your bedroom with the right bedroom wardrobe design. Customize your bedroom wardrobe that best fits your needs.

Kiwo’s design expertise and 100% BWP synchronized plywood make your wardrobes last longer than your wardrobe essentials. Reach out to us at 1800-313-0508 to add glory to your bedrooms.