15% off! Is this modular unit worth it?

15% off! Is this modular unit worth it?

In the season of discounts and festivities, it becomes hard to pick the perfect place to shop at. But not when it comes to KIWO. Besides its adept staff, a classy showroom and spectacular units, KIWO’s custom-made Modular Units are bound to sweep you off your feet. Want to know how? Keep reading.


Modular Units at KIWO are anything but basic. Our units are made with 100% synchronized calibrated plywood sourced just for us and manufactured in our own factory. Thence, assuring you of the quality that you desire to purchase.


Owning a Modular Unit will reduce clutter at home by default. And Modular Units at KIWO come with a specialized German mechanism that makes your experience not only smooth and error-free functioning with its sleek mechanism, but also unimaginably organized.


The core benefit of choosing Modular Units from KIWO is that they come with many advanced solutions, one of them being its special 3D Augmented Reality technology, through which you get to design your Modular Unit according to your space and choice.


You don’t need a perfect house for a Modular Unit, as KIWO manufactures its units to suit your home. Yes, at KIWO every unit is designed not just considering your desires and choices, but also the space you have. Now get solutions customized for your home.


The longevity of a unit is one of the top tier concerns while purchasing a home unit, but not every modular unit comes with a promise of durability, unless it is KIWO. We offer lifetime warranty for your purchased units and a post-sales service alongside, so you can buy smart and promising units.

Now that we have ticked all your concerns, hurry before you miss out the banger 15% discount offer at KIWO. You can also visit www.kiwomodular.com to book your consultation.