Why Plywood is the best wood for kitchens and wardrobes!

Why Plywood is the best wood for kitchens and wardrobes!

You’ve got a new home that’s all ready and handed over. The next thing on your mind is the Interiors. Now the big question is: which material do you use for kitchens and wardrobes? You’ve come across various suggestions – from MDF to Plywood. What do you go with? Well, if you research, the one material that you will often come across is Plywood. Let’s tell you more about Plywood.

The Birth of Plywood

Plywood is multi-layer wood glued together. The use of layers of wood goes back to 1500 BC Egypt. This technique was adopted in the 1600s by the Greeks and Romans to make furniture and decorative objects.

So what’s Plywood, really!

Plywood is made of three or more thin layers of wood bonded together with an adhesive. The layer of sheets and bonding adhesive are compressed to manufacture the final product. This makes Plywood strong, durable, sturdy, and a favourite when it comes to using it to make modular kitchens and wardrobes.

What makes Plywood most wanted!

Plywood is used in construction and furniture-making owing to its versatility. Let’s tell you more about why Plywood is a superior material and is preferred and recommended for kitchens and wardrobes:

Durability: Made of multiple layers of wood, Plywood is strong, solid and robust. Again, this depends on the grade of Plywood you are using. Wardrobes undergo a lot of movement in their lifetime and Plywood can last this for long.

Water-resistant: Plywood of fine quality can resist water-corrosion. But then, you need to make sure you are using Marine-grade Plywood. More so in a kitchen where a lot of moisture and dampness can accumulate. This is more recommended for cabinet doors and exteriors, as they are prone to spills and splashes of water.

Fire-resistant: If your kitchen has too many electric appliances, then you must use Plywood that is fire-resistant. What’s more, fire-resistant Plywood is water-resistant as well.

Lightweight: Plywood is lighter than most solid wood. This renders the ease of crafting, cutting and chiseling without hassles. It also allows for easy installation and fixing of accessories.

Non-graining: Due to Plywood’s cross-layered structure, it has the quality of being able to withstand great amount of tool or instrument pressure. So tasks like fixing a nail or a screw even at the edges can be done with little or no damage.

Cost-effective: The most important reason to choose Plywood is that it is economical and cost-effective than other types of wood. Which means, it offers good value for money.

At KIWO, all our kitchen and wardrobe solutions are made of 100% BWP Synchronized Plywood. BWP Plywood is Boiling Water-proof, which is an engineered wood made of wood veneer sheets. The multiple layers of veneer make it stronger and more durable material than MDF or Particleboard. It comes in various designs, thicknesses and is less prone to water-damage and hold screws tighter than MDF. Reason why we at KIWO use BWP.

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