Why is BWP Plywood ideal for monsoons?

Why is BWP Plywood ideal for monsoons?

Escaping the scorching heat of the sun with cool and refreshing monsoon showers often feels like a blessed relief, but this is where the constant battle against humidity and moisture begins. The risk of catching infections is on a rise and the turbulent weather results in heavy traffic, flooding, and power outages. However, our home interiors often seem to bear the brunt due to this outpour. While a little leakage here and there can be easily dealt with, swelling of the cabinets and potential damage to the countertops due to excess moisture is a big no-no. But the good news is that incorporating a BWP plywood is all the help you need to keep your living space looking stylish and functional and tackle the monsoon months head-on. Here’s why!

What sets BWP plywood apart from others?

Regular plywood often plays a crucial role in interior spaces and offers a perfect blend of strength and affordability. However, it seems to exhibit low tolerance to moisture and that prevents it from providing stability to a space to its fullest. This becomes even more prevalent during the monsoon showers as regular plywood absorbs moisture and is more susceptible to warping. A perfect recipe for the furniture to disintegrate enough is to become wobbly, for the doors to stick, and for the walls to develop unsightly bulges.

Staying rigid and stable even during the harshest monsoon outpours is where the BWP plywood takes the crown. BWP stands for “Boiling Water Proof.” Unlike its regular counterpart, BWP plywood boasts a specially formulated glue that resists moisture including boiling water.

Top 5 advantages of using BWP plywood

The advantages of BWP plywood during the monsoon are numerous:

  1. Moisture resistance: It goes without saying that what makes BWP plywood a key player is its super resistance to moisture. A property that no other plywood exhibits. BWP plywood can withstand prolonged exposure to rain and humidity without warping, swelling, or delaminating.  
  2. Dimensional stability: BWP plywood is a master at retaining its shape even in intense and prolonged rains and when the humidity levels fluctuations go haywire. This translates to doors and drawers that function smoothly, walls that stay straight, and furniture that doesn’t develop unwanted curves.
  3. Enhanced durability: The superior moisture resistance of BWP plywood makes it durable enough to extend its lifespan by years. Regular plywood succumbs easily to moisture damage and requires frequent repairs and pricey maintenance. However, BWP saves you all the money and hassle by offering long-lasting performance.
  4. Termite resistance: The air content during monsoon has high moisture. A perfect environment for wood-eating pests such as termites to thrive. Thankfully, additional hassles such as contacting pest control services to get rid of termites can be prevented by simply introducing BWP plywood to your interiors. The special adhesives used in BWP plywood often contain termite-resistant properties that offer an additional layer of protection ensuring that no insects are lurking in the dark corners of your furniture.
  5. Versatility: BWP plywood, the champion of moisture resistance showcases its versatility beyond just bathroom cabinets and kitchen countertops. Its exceptional strength makes it ideal for load-bearing furniture like bookshelves and its smooth surface makes it the perfect fit for wall panelling giving it a sleek and modern appeal. With an additional layer of lamination, BWP plywood adapts to your design vision by offering both functionality and style for any monsoon dweller’s home.

Bathing your living space in monsoon-proof comfort

The applications of BWP plywood across a multitude of interior spaces and circumstances is what makes it one of a kind. Let’s dive into a few applications offered by BWP that can enhance the quality of your life.

  1. Living room: The living room takes the spotlight in most home interior designs. A seasonal shift should certainly not hamper its functionality or aesthetics. BWP plywood can keep furniture items such as TV cabinets and bookshelves sturdy and intact so that you can now binge your favourite shows non-stop or read a good book in the comfort of your stylish home.
  2. Kitchen: A cooking hub such as the kitchen space is the most prone to damage due to moisture during monsoons. BWP plywood keeps cabinets, countertops, and even wall paneling intact by enduring spills, splashes, and the constant humidity associated with cooking. With BWP comfort, you can now indulge in your favourite dishes moisture-free.
  3. Shutters: BWP plywood shines in shutters. This moisture-resistant material shrugs off the monsoon woes and keeps your shutters warp-free and sharp-looking. Its durability ensures that your shutters stay beautiful for years. Your doorway to upgrade the quality of your life.

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