Know which type of wardrobe suits you the best!

Know which type of wardrobe suits you the best!

First things first, do you know how many types are there in wardrobes? Let us dig in!

The most used and most important piece of furniture in your bedroom after, obviously, the bed is your wardrobe. Considering its frequent usage and the load it takes on, you should always make sure that the design of your wardrobe is befitting your space and requirements. KIWO can definitely help you with that and much more.

In case, if you are confused about what types of wardrobe design options exist, this read is for you!

Here is the list of five different types of wardrobes for you to make an informed decision.

Hinged Door Wardrobe
In this type of wardrobe, the shutter or door is attached to the closet with strong hinges and hence the name.

The advantage of this type is that the doors open wide outwardly giving a full view of the closet. So with this type, you can spot things in your wardrobe easily. This is the most common type in Indian Homes. 

The only limitation of this style is that they take up space as doors swing outwards, making them a wrong choice for small bedrooms.

Free-standing Wardrobe
This type is a perfect choice for the ones who often change their overall home layout or who shifts the entire home frequently due to work-life or travel life. Also, if your bedroom cannot accommodate a large fitted wardrobe, it is good to stick with the simple solution of a free-standing wardrobe. 

This is the wardrobe type for the modern elites! It has sliding doors that slide from side to side along the metal tracks. It is not reliant on hinges for holding its doors. As the doors slide horizontally, they offer the biggest advantage of saving space by not taking up the room in front of them. This wardrobe style works well in small confined spaces, it can also service large rooms that need a lengthy wardrobe. The only minus is that it does not allow a full view of the contents at one time.

Customised wardrobe
Want to convert all the nooks and crannies of your room into functional spaces? Then opt for tailor-made closets! They can turn even the trickiest corner of your bedroom into a workable space.

Sometimes you might want your wardrobes to do more than just store your clothes and accessories. In such cases too, custom-made wardrobes work the best!

Walk-In Wardrobe
When you have the luxury of ample space, you can take your bedroom to the next level of sophistication with walk-in wardrobes. These wardrobes provide more than sufficient space for storing all your items.

You will always be able to locate anything you are looking for very easily, without having the need to dig into the closet. With such an organised wardrobe, imagine getting ready every day! It will save time and add a style quotient to your home.

Now that you have all the wardrobe dope, you can make a well-thought-out and well-informed choice for your ideal bedroom. Whatever your choice of wardrobe is, with KIWO you can make it happen hassle-free. Plus, you will get 750+ colour options, to make sure your wardrobe is in sync with all the decor. After all, everyone deserves the wardrobe of their dreams!