How to ensure TV unit decor is in sync with the living room

How to ensure TV unit decor is in sync with the living room

With the advent of the era of streaming, watching your favourite shows from practically anywhere has become easier than ever. However, television streaming has still not lost its appeal as TV units are situated at the heart of the living room and play a crucial role in bringing people together. Additionally, TV units today are not limited to being mere standalone functional pieces. They have evolved into design elements that set the tone for the living room. But how do you ensure your TV unit decor complements, rather than clashes with the rest of the living room? Worry no more! This comprehensive guide will unfold the secret ingredients to successfully set up a cohesive and stylish living room, centred around a TV unit that sings.

Plan your dream space

Figuring out a style that reflects your personality can work wonders in setting things in perspective. Do you like things that are minimalist? Warm and country-like? Or maybe an artsy and free-spirited style? Once you plan the vibe of your space accordingly, you can choose a TV unit that perfectly meshes with the rest of the living room. Determining the look and feel of the space beforehand can also cut down the time that can otherwise be spent renovating and redecorating and help you choose a style that suits your preferences and tastes. 

Get the maths right!

People sometimes spend an overwhelming amount of time planning the look and the feel of the space without doing their homework by taking practical aspects such as dimensions and symmetry into consideration. A plan on paper allows you to visualise the layout of the space. This helps you see how furniture will fit, how traffic will flow, and whether your ideas are practical. It also easily addresses what does not work for your space. Additionally, arranging your decor items symmetrically on either side of the TV helps achieve a balanced and visually pleasing effect. Moreover, embracing the negative space without overcrowding the living room or TV unit for a more serene atmosphere can help you strike the right balance between proportions and aesthetics.

Add the right colours to your life

Creating a seamless contrast with the help of different hues can be a game changer in achieving the desired look. The kind of colour combinations you choose can be the make or break factor in determining the ultimate look of your living room. Let’s dive into how that works. For instance, if your TV unit features a bold colour, go for a neutral-toned decor to balance it out. Conversely, a bright-coloured TV unit can be accentuated with pops of colour through artwork, splashes of dark paint, or indoor plants. Additionally, limit your dominant colour palette to three hues. This makes the room appear vibrant while maintaining a sense of balance and order. 

Elevate using textures

A defining factor in achieving harmony in your space is the textures you choose for your TV unit decor. TV units inspired by elements of nature such as wood can be accentuated using jute rugs or woven baskets. Conversely, using metallic accent pieces and geometric sculptures around the TV unit can give the living room a touch of progressiveness and sophistication. If your living room features a mix of materials, like a leather sofa and a wooden coffee table, consider incorporating similar textures into your TV unit decor for a unified look.

Decorative delights

Using decorative items around your TV unit not only breathes life into your living room but also helps in creatively showcasing your personality and taste. Statement pieces such as artwork that complement the colour and design of the TV unit can give the space a defined look. Moreover, the usage of potted plants, interesting sculptures, travel souvenirs and curated book ends can add a sense of timelessness to your living room. Additionally, Table lamps and LED lights can add a touch of warmth and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Transforming your living room into a stylish haven is now at your fingertips with these small but significant shifts. To ensure that your TV unit and the rest of the living room are compatible and truly a match made in heaven, KIWO brings you the perfect blend of style and functionality. With an 18 mm BWP synchronised plywood and designs in 750 plus colour combinations, KIWO offers you unrivalled precision and impeccable quality in every detail. When it comes to designing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At the end of the day, it is all about experimenting, having fun, and letting your creativity flow.